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To be a successful eBay seller, you must overcome two major problems:

...You need a simple way to link to all of your current eBay listings.

...and you need an easy way for potential bidders and repeat customers to find your auctions.

A free AuctionLink web address brings results.

Unfortunately, eBay doesn't offer a simple and convienient way to direct visitors to your current auction listings. Until AutionLink came along, a link to your current auctions looked something like this:

Try fitting that on a business card!

AuctionLink gives you a free, easy-to-remember web address that automatically links to all of your current eBay auctions:

See how it works - Click:

It's simple... More visitors to your current eBay listings means more bids. More bids means more money in your pocket. We help you direct visitors to your auctions.

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  • It's web address your eBay customers WILL remember.

  • Use in with your E-mail Signatures.

  • Print it on your business cards.

  • Get more repeat customers.